16 Liter Tank

  • Tank/Pump Assembly

The 16 liter tank/pump fluid delivery option includes a positive displacement injector pump for each nozzle to give you independent flow control. This option also features low fluid-level and low air pressure switches.

Tank Dimensions: 11.4" x 13.3" x 11.4" (289.56mm x 337.87mm x 289.56mm)

Dip Tube & Panel Mount

  • Dip Tube & Panel Mount Assembly

The Dip Tube & Panel Mount Assembly includes a plate mounted pump that utilizes a larger volume diaphragm pump and needle valves to control the flow rate to the nozzles. This system has a tube assembly that is used with the customers drum. The plate mount pump system is typically used with the conveyor style nozzle but is available for the other nozzles as well.

Heated Tank

  • Heated Tank

The heat tank option is a closed loop recirculation system that is typically used with the manifold single point assembly but can be used with other nozzles as well. The system has 3 thermal couples for consistent closed loop temperature control. This option can be used to lower the viscosity of the fluid allowing our electrostatic system to spray a wider variety of products. The tank holds 18 quarts allowing for an extended run time.